May 19, 2012

Original Thesis and Textbook Outline

Substantial rewrites are needed before my original thesis is ready to be published as a nuclear spacecraft textbook.  However it will still be of value to those considering nuclear space vehicle missions.  I present the full thesis for any who are interested.
A preliminary chapter outline for the rewrite follows, along with the thesis chapter to be revised or rewritten:

Section 1: Review of Basic Concepts
  1. Nuclear Reactor Mechanics (ch.2)
  2. Thermodynamics and Cycle Analysis (new)
  3. Rocket Engine Mechanics (new)
  4. Nuclear Vehicle Structures (ch.3)
Section 2: Propulsion System Models
  1. Nuclear Electric (ch.4)
  2. Nuclear Thermal (ch.5)
  3. Nuclear Reaction Product (ch.7)
  4. Nuclear Pulse (ch.6)
Section 3: Mission Analysis
  1. Orbital Mechanics Intro (ch.1)
  2. Orbit Transfers (ch.1)
  3. Interstellar Flight (new)
Section 4: Conclusions

Detailed chapter outlines and revised chapter drafts will follow.

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